Whether you’re a digital search agency in need of an expert SEO consultative view of your  SEO offering and deliverables; or your corporate SEO program needs an SEO governance framework.

We provide audits and analysis of our client’s SEO programs and help make them even more efficient and productive.

The SEO Program Audit & Process development service is an offering we provide our clients and agency clients that would like to ensure their SEO program is a well-oiled machine. What SEO tools should be used? What should be done once a new client is on-boarded? What should the deliverables for your clients look like?

Our program audit and process development program starts with a complete review and interview of your SEO team members, and an understanding as to what you currently do now, and how best to optimize the team and tools used.


01. Discovery & Interview

First, we’ll sit down with your SEO team and talk through each step of their process. Learn about the tools being used, what the recommendations output looks like, how they get those recommendations implemented. We’ll learn about the entire flow to uncover any inefficiencies or steps missed in the SEO end to end process. We also work with your cross functional teams to determine any new opportunities and close any knowledge gaps. 

02. Audit & Process Analysis

Once we’ve collected all the necessary information, we’ll develop a more formal methodology customized to your team, and the needs of your organization. We’ll leverage proven, time tested plans and processes to help shape your successful SEO program built for growth. 

03. Delivery & Implementation

Finally, we’ll deliver the final program complete with SEO technology recommendations sized for your SEO program needs. We’ll be on site to walk your team through the deliverables required, a project timeline, and recommended team resources that might need to be added. The delivery also comes with education to help grow your SEO team over time. 

Ready to discuss how we can help design a more efficient & effective seo program for your business or agency?