The Bartoli Consulting Group has worked with many of the world’s largest well-known brands developing their SEO programs and processes.

Over time we’ve developed a list of questions many, including you, may have around SEO and how the program operates.

Whether you have an SEO team of 12 or no internal SEO lead at all – you’re bound to have some questions around expectations, understanding of how SEO works and how it will work, or should work, for your organization.

What does the SEO program actually look like?

We start every engagement with an SEO strategic blueprint unique to your business goals and objectives, including competitive analysis. Once we’ve outlined your strategy and get your review and approval, we start with a full technical analysis, and audit of your site. We’ll walk you through the output and findings, and prioritize the recommendations for implementation.

Next, we’ll work on the site-side or content, within your site. We work with you and your team to understand your customers, and their needs. You’ll receive a content gap analysis that highlights areas of the site where new intent-based content should exist. 


How soon should I see results from my SEO program?

We’ll walk you through the major milestones, through baseline reporting, and regular implementation of the recommendations made. We’ll show progress throughout the program, and make adjustments as needed to ensure we meet or exceed the goals we’ve identified together. 

While we’ll always strive for success from day one, we also help educate our clients to understand the complexity of the search engines and their ever changing ranking algorithms, and therefore, can’t predict with any accuracy how or when Google will decide to crawl and rank a page the way it does. You should never trust any agency or consultant that promises you #1 rankings for a particular keyword. That is not a guarantee of success, and has not been for some time. 

There are over 200 ranking algorithmic factors involved, and the search engine regularly (Just in 2017 alone, Google says it ran over 654,000 search experiments, resulting in over 3,200 changes to its algorithm in just that year alone). 

We’ve seen clients success in as little as two weeks, and some as late as 12 weeks. 

There are so many variables and factors involved in seeing success in traffic, rankings, and on-page conversions. The BCG will never promise a #1 ranking, nor should any legitimate SEO agency or consultant. When all best practices are applied, ongoing quality content relevant to its users is produced, rankings occurs, followed by increases in traffic, then increase in sales. 


What is Ecommerce SEO?

Unlike a local service based business, ecommerce SEO involves a great deal of strategy and technical understanding. Optimization of an online store’s URLs is integral to helping both search engines and visitors access your site. The content management platforms for large enterprise ecommerce platforms need to be properly optimized to avoid duplication of category and product level pages. 

Instead of focussing on broad terms like “men’s clothing”, for example, we help our clients focus on ranking individual product and category pages for less competitive terms. Writing unique product and category descriptions, making your pages better optimized to boost rankings, resulting in increases in your click through rate. Ideally, we need to get your more targeted and qualified traffic – this is how that works. 

In many cases your ecommerce online storefront is your only storefront. Crawlability, indexation of your site’s core category and product pages are crucial to your business’ bottom line. 


What is the technical SEO audit?

Using our technical expertise, and in-house technology, we help your brand by identifying any issues that could impact your website’s rankings and searchability. 

We start by comparing our audit checklist against your website’s elements to identify and resolve any mistakes that could be affecting your online success. Whether it’s your code, or content, we ensure your site is fully-optimized so that it drives more conversions. 

Once we’ve finished your SEO audit, we’ll provide you a transparent and detailed report of any problems found and the most appropriate solution. Our team will also be happy to discuss any of our SEO technical audit findings and offer direction with your in-house developement or engineering teams. 


What is the SEO Strategy and Blueprint?

We’ve developed the SEO Strategy and Blueprint out of a need our clients had. They needed a formal SEO strategy and roadmap developed to plan out and address their SEO goals and objectives for the year. This is a comprehensive strategic set of recommendations specific to your business and customer needs. We’ll review your business goals, and objectives, learn about your competition and then construct a customized SEO strategy built just for your organization. 

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