February 24

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Scale SEO For Ecommerce With 3 Simple Frameworks [Training]

After working with so many large and mid-size businesses, I often come across loads of SEO Myths along the way. Today, I thought I'd dispel a few of those for you here. 

If this is something you found helpful in anyway, I'm offering a weekly LIVE training, where I will walk you through the exact three frameworks my ecommerce clients have used to consistently achieve incredible organic traffic and growth to their businesses. 

This is particularly helpful if you either never had SEO performed on your site or you've had a nightmarish SEO freelancer experience. 

Watch this video, and then Join Me Thursdays @3PM ET - Click on the Register Link below the video.

(FYI: The video states a date in February, ignore that, I go Live each Thursday. ) 

PS: Come prepared with all your super challenging SEO questions. I will stay as late as you need, and I'll answer them all.

BTW: The cost is: FREE 


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