SEO managed services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Managed Services for Ecommerce Business Ready for Growth

The Bartoli Consulting Group works with our clients to provide them with a full end to end SEO managed program complete with strategic consulting, and performance analysis. We have 

 We have a proven methodology developed for our F500 clients. You’ve worked hard to establish trust and authority as a brand.

You expect your most important pages within your site should rank well and visible when a relevant search query is performed by a potential customer of yours.

We excel at SEO and have performed countless audits, analysis and optimizations that have increased our clients search rankings resulting in on average 40% – 85% resulting in new sales. Whether it’s a site migration or a new product, we will apply advanced techniques and sound industry standards and best practice to get you the results necessary for growth.

The Proven SEO Methodology

technical seo

Technical SEO 

Are technical errors hurting your website’s chances of being indexed in the search engines?

We perform a full detailed examination of your platform and website to identify any mobile and page speed issues, resolve broken links and redirect errors. 

We’ll optimize your site from the inside out

content marketing

Content Strategy

Content is still key to any high performing SEO program, and our team of SEO experts will provide content that aligns with your customer buyer journey.

We research intent-based keywords that align to that buyer journey and build a content strategy aligned with your buyer persona profiles to ensure you get the most qualified and targeted traffic to your site – ready to convert. 

Link Acquisition

Building and maintaining trust and authority is still a critical component to a well-rounded SEO program.

We never mine link farms, or practice anything Google or your visitors might question. 

SEO can be very complex and nuanced and some will make it far more confusing than it needs to be.

That's why we've developed a very customized approach to our SEO offering. Every client will have a very unique, customized SEO program built just for them. 

We've developed a few solutions in addition to the full end to end SEO managed services. One of those is called the SEO Strategy and Blueprint, which was developed especially for those clients very new to SEO, or who have never applied SEO at all to their site. 

Why Your Business Needs an SEO Strategy and Blueprint

SEO works incredibly well when there’s a plan in place. Like most things in marketing, and in life, you need a plan to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be. SEO is no different. Most organizations we’ve worked with, especially many of the largest well-known brands online today, have no formal SEO strategy or roadmap.

Every company needs an SEO strategy to increase and attract the ideal customers, grow their search presence and leverage one of the strongest performing digital marketing channels, organic search.

Avoid the overwhelming reliance on spending more for paid search, and find out how to make your paid marketing more efficient by implementing a sound and strategic search engine optimization program.

What is The SEO Strategy and Blueprint?

The Story

We’ve developed the SEO Strategy and Blueprint out of a need our clients had.

They needed a formal SEO strategy and roadmap developed to plan out and address their SEO goals and objectives for the year. This is a comprehensive strategic set of recommendations specific to your business and customer needs. We’ll review your business goals, and objectives, learn about your competition and then construct a customized SEO strategy built just for your organization. 

This is a great place to start, whether you decide to work with us in a full end to end SEO engagement or not. Take a look at the process for the SEO Strategy and Blueprint below. 

The Problem:

Most Ecommerce or B2B Business Scenarios

  • Your online sales are suffering, your organic search traffic has been declining, and your cost per click costs keep skyrocketing. Your competition is killing it in the search engine results pages. You see your product pages getting further and further pushed off page 1, and out of view of new customers
  • Maybe you don't have an experienced SEO in your team leading your SEO program efforts
  • Your website is going through a major migration or redesign, and you are without any SEO governance or oversight. There's no SEO accountability and your online sales will surely suffer as a result. 
  • You might be the digital marketing lead handling all aspects of your digital marketing including paid, social, PR and SEO. With all that you have to handle, your SEO gets pushed to the back burner, and never addressed at all. You know you're leaving money on the table
  • SEO can be technical, and understanding the current intricacies of the algorithm, schema markup, server side redirection or any number of typical technical SEO trouble areas are often overlooked

The Solution:

The SEO Strategy & Blueprint

  • Without  a clear SEO Strategy and roadmap in your digital marketing program, you’re bound to have a very inefficient and troubled SEO program, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table and out of your business.  
  • The SEO strategy and blueprint plan is customized for your business goals and objectives and reviewed with you and your team
  • Digital Marketing Leads -  we'll work directly with your head of digital marketing to integrate the new SEO strategy, in with, and aligned to your other digital marketing efforts
  • Your In-House SEO Team - We regularly work with your in-house SEO lead to help and assist in planning and mapping out the strategy. We’ve got loads of experience as both in-house SEO, and working with SEOs and build special working relationships with them to help them get buy in, create a business case, or develop a formal SEO Governance model for your organization.
  • We train and educate SEOs and development teams on current SEO best practices. 

Here's some of what that SEO Strategy and Blueprint process looks like...


Our initial meeting will begin with a very comprehensive detailed set of strategic questions.

We’ll ensure we understand your business goals and objectives, and we’ll talk about your plans for end of year, and discuss your biggest SEO challenges. It’s also important to discuss your direct and indirect competitors, along with any historical efforts you had in place previously.


We’ll work over the next two weeks doing our due diligence on your SEO strategy. We’ll conduct an exhaustive analysis and audit of your site, and conduct a competitive analysis with recommendations.

Once we’ve collected all the necessary inputs, we’ll begin our evaluation and analysis of your site’s current state. We’ll take into consideration any projects affecting the website for the current year (migration, replatform, or redesign).

There will be a full technical analysis with recommendations and formal project timeline, including milestones, mapped to your new SEO strategy.


Once we’ve packaged up your strategy and recommendations, we’ll arrange to meet with you, and any other stakeholders in your organization to review and discuss your plan.

We’ll walk you through, step by step, the strategy, the activities involved, and show you exactly how you’ll achieve those goals and objectives you’ve set forth at the beginning of the year.

Once we agree on the plan, we can move to launching this new plan by either having the team at Bartoli Consulting Group launch it for you in a done for you” model, or you can have your own team or other agency put the plan into action for you.