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What’s your company SEO Strategy?

Do You Have an SEO Strategy outlined that is NOT a list of tactics? It’s high time we talk about what SEO strategy is, and why so many very large well-known brands are without one. First, let’s define the term strategy, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary: Strategy: a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for […]

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cmo seo governance

A CMO Guide to Corporate Governance and SEO

The CMO’s Guide to Corporate Governance and SEO In recent years I’ve met many CMOs and other senior leaders of marketing teams within some of the biggest known brands regardless of industry or location. Each seem to inquire about this one area. Governance. Why is A Governance Model Critical to Your Marketing Operation? Because what occurs without it […]

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the greatest seo challenge

The Backstory and Why I do this thing called SEO

It’s Not All About SEO… Everyone has a backstory. I’ve just never shared mine. Here’s that story. From as far back as I can remember, back in grade school, I’ve always really liked technical things. From tape recorders to computer games. One of my favorite memories as a kid was visiting the local high school that had […]

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