In an attempt to help you, the marketing executive, too busy to find good resources, I’ve compiled a best list to help you get what you need without reading through hundreds of search results or filtering through tens of emails.

This list is very specific to lead generation strategies, trends, tactics and hacks. I’ve compiled a round up over the last six months to share with you.

Pick and choose those strategies that resonate best with your organization and share with us your results.

1. Have Good Conversations as Often as Possible

Never rely only on one-directional communication such as website, blog posts, and videos. Try and have a real conversation with your prospects as often as possible.

If your user asks about a feature in chat don’t only offer a link to a knowledge base, offer a 10-minute call to walk them through. This will offer you yet another possibility to sell.

If you are emailing with your lead, offer a video call. If you are in a video call, offer to meet. Try and get closer to your leads every time you interact with them.

2. Use Marketing Automation

Are you already collecting email addresses? If not, you need to fix that as soon as possible.

When you have a source of new email addresses you can use marketing automation to nurture them and earn more data on your lead. Once they have progressed in their purchase cycle with your marketing automation, sales can pick them up.

Use data to segment your customers to send as relevant messages as possible. Never send the same materials to a new lead that you would send to your old customers.

3. How To Optimize Your Content for B2B Lead Generation

There’s some great information here. I particularly like that she talks about top, middle and bottom of funnel strategies. Here’s one that should not go unnoticed. “Another way to make your content more visible in search is optimizing each post, and page with on-site SEO best practices.” 

I like to point this one out is because many of the B2B sites I come across seem to have this piece missing from every page of their site. Maybe you rely on word of mouth, but that really can only go so far and there will be a point of diminishing returns. You need to optimize the content your prospective customers are looking for. Here’s a link to the original article from Alexa. 

4. Three Trends in B2B Buyer Behavior and How to Generate Quality Leads by Addressing Them

One of the best lines in this article “75% of B2B buyers said it is very important that the vendor’s website present relevant content that speaks directly to their company.” Doesn’t surprise me, and you should be seeing a theme by now, that is content relevant to your target, and well optimized should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Link to the article here

5. Chat With Your Users via Live Chat 

Yes, this really is a great method for connecting not only to B2C audiences, but it’s also very effective for B2B. Even though you’ve used precious time to try to ensure that all content on your website is relevant and all possible questions have been answered, some visitors just can’t find what they are looking for.

According to studies, 42% of customers prefer live chat for their customer support questions, while 73% of those who take part in a chat are happy with the results.

Most live chat tools collect email addresses, so again you can combine this tactic with tip #5 in this list.

6. With video blogging you can find new audiences quickly.

Have you ever tried using video, specifically YouTube as a piece of blog content? Just know that you are losing leads. Some of your prospects like to read, some like to watch videos. You should be providing for all needs.

Use all possible channels to multiply your reach to generate leads from new channels. You can even consider translating your content to widen your reach. This is something I’m absolutely going to be implementing very soon – hope you’ll be ready for some serious YouTube stuff in a few weeks.

7. Content Marketing 

Yep, you heard that right. Content marketing gives you the chance to demonstrate your expertise while building relationships with potential customers at the same time. Being able to answer user questions or share new insights with them will build trust, and they’ll see you as more credible as a result. 

8. Create Resources For Your Potential Customers

Whether its a whitepaper, checklist, or some really valuable resource very specific to your potential customers, sharing something they could find useful is a great way to build a relationship and trust early on.

If you attempt to apply just a few of these ideas, your bound to see an increase in your targeted visitation and sales requests. That’s not a guarantee, but applies once you remain consistent in deploying sound best practices in your online marketing program.

What are your most popular lead generation methods?

Let me know which you’ve tried and which worked for you.